MyCRM Essentials - Using Combined Experience to Deliver Success in Your Business

MyCRM Essentials is a fully configured Business Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) which has been designed and developed for your business. Taking all of our combined experience we have built a complete solution based on thoroughbred technology using Microsoft CRM so that your business can easily adopt and gain results quickly.

Systems are sometimes referred to as "Out of the box" or "Vanilla", MyCRM Essentials is neither, and with it you get a preconfigured subscription service that offers a great starting point for delivery of customer success in your business.

Unlike enterprise options for CRM and ERP which can result in lengthy projects, usually known as implementation or deployment projects, MyCRM Essentials is very different. We can have your CRM live in less than a week with your data and products setup. All the functionality and processes for Sales, Marketing and Support activity have been defined and documented to help you get a quick start. MyCRM essentials has been designed to enhance your ability to do what you do best, and that is run your business successfully.

Take a look at some of the great features included below: -

My Customer - Defining Your Business Relationships

We are excited to Release "WAVE1" of "My Customer" our easy to use solution with defined functionality as part of MyCRM Essentials, for your business.

Image of CRM screenshot showing My Customer

Your customers are key to your business success, and having a centralised business system like MyCRM Essentials helps you drive success and customer engagement through centralisation of data.

MyCRM Essentials has all the main components of a well-defined Customer Relationship Management and database solution, enabling you to record critical information about customers, with additional features under “Customer” to enable Account Management Planning and Account Selling Strategy for engagement.

What is more, the ability to record and track Events and Event Registrations that you may run is also included as a core activity.

My Customer includes functionality to record
  • Leads,
  • Accounts,
  • Contacts,
  • Events,
  • Event Registrations,
  • Account Management Scheduling, and;
  • Account Selling Strategy

The future of MyCRM Essentials “Customer” has been defined and in "Wave 2" due in the first half of 2019, the capability and meaning of "What is a customer" will be extended to include integrated surveys and responses.

Encourage – Recording Your Interaction, Communication and Marketing Activity

With more and more competition and with technology that can easily enable your processes, driving customers to your business has never been easier.

Image of CRM screenshot showing Encourage

Your first step starts with encouraging your “Customer” to start their “Customer Journey” with you.

Through marketing and communication you can start to build and record trust and encourage engagement.

Marketing is a key factor in the successful selling of your products and services. In Wave 2 you can expect Integrated Email Marketing to be included.

Tracking enquiries and following up leads with information enables your prospects and customers to engage.

Engage – Successful Sales Automation and Management Through Defined Sales Process

Image of CRM screenshot showing Engage

Build on your own experience building pipelines and engagement from customers who have interest in your service.

Customer engagement is key to successful selling of your product and services, building your reputation for excellence and understanding what helps define how you engage with your customers.

Engage includes all the main record and activity types you will need to manage and grow your sales pipeline, with inbuilt reporting and dashboards to manage progress and goals.

Evolve – Supporting Your Customer on Their Journey

Building a long term relationship and evolving services with customers will increase longevity and customer satisfaction.

Image of CRM screenshot showing Evolve

Customer Relationship management helps put your customer at the centre of your business. By having a centralised data approach to managing your customers, all of your team will know what is happening and when.

With Evolve you can manage issues, cases and service incidents, track post sales activity and drive customer satisfaction.

Run your company reports and track performance against goals set on preconfigured dashboards.

Encompass – Managing Your Business Activity by Supporting Your Customers

Bringing together all the functionality that makes your business more efficient.

Image of CRM screenshot showing Encompass

Bringing together all business functionality including Purchasing and Supplier Management, Budgets and Activity Management for your team.

In Wave 2, further functionality will be included to help with Team Planning and Stock management.

Included with all our Managed Cloud Subscriptions:

Nightly Data Backups
Data Backup retention (7 days)
Monthly Backup Download (available on request)
Email Support
99.99% Network Uptime Guarantee
Email Router available
Additional Data Storage £10 per GB per month
Additional 5 Days of Consulting Services from £2850